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Only one hour from Taipei to Pine Villa
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Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport
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By Public Transportation
  1. Start from Taoyuan International Airport, take bus to Taipei Main Station.

    After arriving at Taoyuan International Airport,visitors can take the shuttle bus at specific floors in every Terminal:

    (1)Go to B1 floor in Terminal 1.
    (2)Go to 1F in Terminal 2.
    Bus Stop
    Bus Ticket Counter
    Convenient Store
    Convenient Store
    Food Court
    B1 Map in Terminal 1
    Bus Stop
    Bus Ticket Counter
    Luggage Carousel
    Waiting Area
    Waiting Area
    Arrival Hall
    Auto Boarding Area
    1F Map in Terminal 2

    Go to bus stop, take bus to Taipei Bus Station, information as follows:

    Taoyuan International Airport─Taipei Train Station
    (Kuo-Kuang Bus No.1819 / Air-Bus No.1961)
    Travel Time About 60 mins
    Departure 05:30-01:10
    Fare NT$90-125, buy ticket at counter
    Bus Stop Terminal 1: Arrival Level B1
    Terminal 2: Arrival Hall 1F
  2. Walk to Taipei Bus Station then take bus to Luodong

    First walk from Taipei Train Station to "Taipei Bus Station", then go to "Kamalan Bus" counter on 4F.

    (1) Please follow the signs of "Taipei Bus Station" in Taipei Train Station (2) Walk approximately for 3 minutes to "Taipei Bus Station" situated in "Q Square Mall"
    (3) After arriving at the lobby, please take escalator to 4F. (4) Bus ticket for "Kamalan Bus" at platform 412

    After purchasing ticket at the counter, take the bus bounding for Yilan direction, get off at terminal stop "Luodong station".

    Bus 1917 Banqiao-Luodong / 1915 Banqiao-Luodong
    (Kamalan Bus)
    Travel Time About 60 mins
    Departure 04:35-01:45, Approx. 20 minutes a bus.
    Fare NT$135, buy ticket at counter
    Get on at Tapei Bus Station, platform 412
    Get off at Luodong Terminal Stop
  3. Or take Capital Bus from Taipei City Hall Bus Station to Luodong
    (Capital Bus 1570/1572)
    Travel TimeAbout 60 mins
    Departure05:20-23:00, 20 mins for next bus
    Pay on bus or use Easycard
    Get on atTaipei City Hall Bus Station Platform No.12~16
    Get off at Luodong Terminal Stop

    Get off at Taipei Main Station then take MRT (blue line, towards Nangang), to Taipei City Hall Bus Station (MRT Taipei City Hall Station), then take Capital Bus to terminal stop "Luodong Stop".

    a. Go to Exit 2 at Taipei City Hall Station and you can find Taipei City Hall Bus Station.

    b. Go to platform No.12~16, awaiting Bus No.1570/1572.

    c. Estimate waiting time will be displayed on the platform, please take Bus No.1570/1572 towards "Luodong".

    d. Please get off at Terminal stop "Luodong Stop".

  4. Get off at Luodong stop, take taxi to Pine Villa

    Please tell the driver to take you to "Sung Man Yuan Min Su" or "No.258, Lane 75, Fuxing Road Section 3", the fare is about NT$150, the distance is about 8 minutes away.

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