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Homestay Introduction

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A fairy tale like castle standing in the middle of Taiwan countryside, awaits your visit.

The door of the homestay opens slowly,
like entering a fairy tale, fascinating,
the wooden puppets on the sides,
and the cute little animals on the lawn,
are children's favorite playmates,
this is what travel is about,
we have entered the kingdom of happiness - "The Pine Villa".

The wooden puppets are busying

Dear, what a pleasant weather today, isn't it?

The bronze colored rocking chair at the door,
the prince holds a bouquet, coming in holding the princess's hand...

On the side of the lobby, is a wall of glass windows, the sun sprinkles in.
Unexpectedly, a fairy tale like castle is hiding in the countryside of Taiwan.

Record a note for this trip with excitement,
The fantasy trip of the wizard of Oz~

The lover seat by the side, have great view!

  • Pine Villa gate
  • Wooden man in the courtyard
  • Free bicycle
  • Basketball hoop in the courtyard
  • Playful landscaping 1
  • Playful landscaping 2
  • Toilet landscaping
  • Wooden bicycle
  • Deciduous Cypress
  • View area in the courtyard
  • Pine Villa entrance
  • Pine Villa counter
  • Pine Villa lobby
  • Tea view watching area on the second floor
  • Fortune(Dolphin room)
  • Successful (Bear Room)
  • Peaceful (Princess Room)
  • Freely (Blue Sky Room)

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