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Intimate native kindness

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The warm welcome and hospitality of the owner, brings warmth to the travelers.

Next to the "Pine Villa" service counter,
placed all different kinds of touring guides,
and the owner here, is the native Taiwan countryside people,

they will introduce how beauty and how fun their hometown is enthusiastically,

of course, they will share the information of gourmet places with you,
they are the live encyclopedia of local travel!

Relaxed afternoon, while stretching your back, a refreshing scent floats by,
is the special lotus tea made by the homestay owner, with the famous milk custard roll in Yilan, it's such an enjoyment...

Delicate afternoon tea, the desserts are the famous gourmet from local~
Warm welcome to every arriving travelers...

Thank you so much for your generous hospitality.
Feels really good here, very comfortable ^_^...

2013.3.31 Hong Kong Ms. Alice Li
Thoughtful design, you just can't stop loving it

Love the balcony, Love the wall decoration,
Love the carpet, Love the table & chair,
Love Pine Villa. ^_^

2013.2.4 Nanjing: Fang.Qiu
Comfortable space, very easy to fall sleep~

Appreciate the hospitality of the homestay owner.
Very comfortable, good to sleep, very quiet, very convenient, a homestay worth to recommend~
PS. The wooden bicycle is very fancy, very cool, must try.

2013.3.5 Frank
Jacuzzi hot tub, relax every inch or your tense muscle

The decoration in the room is very warm, love the flower wall stickers.
A hot tub for relaxation is very thoughtful, and you can listen to the music of insects during the night,
which let us to enjoy the special family trip~ superb!......

102/4/28 Zhi&Pan&Quan
Treat people with honesty, making friends everywhere

The way to treat guests, honesty is most important, Pine Villa really did it,
this is our second time here, we will definitely come again, we are friends with Pine Villa now,

the bod between friends is more than words can express.^_^

Friends from Macau
The clean environment, brings comfort to people

...The place is clean, comfortable, feels like home, it is happy and warm to be with you, hope to come here again if have the chance!

12.2012 Hong Kong Group of 7
One phrase, says all the feelings in "Pine Villa"

Mid-Summer Cypress
Hospitality with passion
Will return in future

2013.7.2 TLC.nonna.garry.Jay~
Warm and relaxing, like being at home

At the diagonal of home,
found a familiar feeling like "home".
Great accommodation experience.

2013.7.11 Pingtong Mr. Lee family

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