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Touring Spots

In the center of Taipei's backyard, you can have fun in every direction.

"Pine Villa" is situated in the center of Yilan's must visit touring sites,
whether you want to have a bicycle tour, intellectual tour, hot spring bath or taste delicious foods...
you can fulfill your visual and taste buds here with one go!

Pine Villa Holiday Homestay
Jiaoxi Train Station
Yilan Train Station
Luodong Train Station
Toucheng Township
Jiaoxi Township
Yuanshan Township
Yilan City
Zhuangwei Township
Sanxing Township
Wujie Township
Dongshan Township
Luodong Township
Suao Township
Nanao Township
Datong Township
Guishan Island
Jiaoxi Hot Spring
Luodong Sports Park
Luodong Cultural Working House
National Center of Traditional Arts
Dongshan River Park
Plum Flower Lake/ Sanching Temple
Suao Cold Spring
Nanfang'ao Harbor
Renshan Botanical Garden
Wulaokeng Scenic Area
Xinliao Waterfall
Annong River Canoeing
Qingshui Geothermal Valley
Wufongchi Waterfall
Waiao Beach
Wushih Harbor
Lanyang Museum
Emerald Peak Lake
National Taipingshan Forest Recreation Area
Luodong Night Market
Luodong Forestry Culture Garden
Jimmy Square

"Pine Villa" is close to Luodong Sports Park, Luodong Night Market, east to Plum Flower Lake and Sanching Temple, west to Dongshan River and Center of Traditional Arts, south to Jiaoxi Hot Spring and Lanyang Museum, north to Suao Cold Spring and Nanfangao Harbor, all within 30 minutes of drive, the traffic is very convenient.

【Within 10 minutes away】

Luodong Sports Park

Luodong Night Market

Combining green land, water view and sport equipment open park.

Picture source: Yilan County Hall

All the famous small eats are available here.

Picture source: Luodong Township Office

The shape of the lake is like a plum flower; Tourists can ride bicycles on the road surrounding the lake.

Taoism Temple, which can overlook the plum flower lake and the beautiful view of Lanyang, is one of the most famous temple in Yilan.

Picture source: Council of Agriculture

There are traditional Japanese buildings, luxuriant green forest, timber storage pool, forest railroad and waterfront wooden trail facilities.

Picture source: Luodong Forest District Office

Plum Flower Lake

Sanching Temple

Luodong Forestry
Culture Garden

A place for recreation, sports and holding cultural events, the corridors on the sides are good spot for overlooking Luodong.

Picture source: Yilan County Hall

Luodong Cultural
Working House

【Within 20 minutes away】

The most impressive is the waterfront play area and river touring, adults and children can have fun in the water world.

Picture source: Yilan County Hall

Dongshan River Park

A botanical garden combining leisure, recreation and ecology education use.

Picture source: Council of Agriculture

Renshan Botanical Garden

National Center of
Traditional Arts

Jimmy Square

Xinliao Waterfall

Traditional art performance, displays of traditional art and culture relics, variety of Yilan traditional cuisine and handcrafts stores, this is the tourists favorite place to stay.

Picture source: National Center of Traditional Arts

All the installation art on site are works from the famous illustrator "Jimmy".

Picture source: Yilan Post Office

The origin of Dongshan river, beautiful scenes along the way.

Picture source: Luodong Forest District Office
【Within 30 minutes away】

Qingshui Geothermal

Wufongchi Waterfall

Alkaline spring, not suitable for washing, but it is the best place for tourists to boil eggs and have picnics.

Picture source: Taipei City Government

There are five mountain peaks behind the waterfall, that is why the place is named "Wufongchi" (Five Peak Flags).

Picture source: Yilan County Hall

Jiaoxi Hot Spring

Lanyang Museum

Sodium bicarbonate springs, clear in color with no smell, praised as "The hot spring of hot springs".

Picture source: Yilan County Hall

Very common "Single Face Mountain" in Northeastern Taiwan, it is the basis for architectural designs, while preserving wetland ecological park to maintain ecological integrity.

The water is clear, drinkable and shower-able, the temperature of the spring is about 22 Celsius, it is "Low Temperature Mineral Spring".

Suao Cold Spring

Nanfang'ao Harbor

One of the three largest fishing harbor in Taiwan, three sides are surrounded by mountains, and is so-called as the hometown of mackerels.

Picture source: Council of Agriculture

We provide chartered car with guiding tour service for foreign tourists.

Yilan one day trip tariff for charter car service

(Exclude tickets for touring sites and car parking expense, tourists have to cover for additional fees.)

Charter car one day service with driver guide(calculated with 2 person per car, for 8 hours), NT$2,500.
Extra hour NT$400/hour
Extra person NT$500/person (8 person per car max)
Pick-up Site Luodong Train Station , Bus Station, or homestay villa
We offer Standard 5-passenger Sedan charter service for
group of 1 to 3 passengers(max 3 people for NTD 3000),
Midsize 7-passenger SUV charter service for
group of 4 to 6 passengers(max 6 people for NTD 4500),
and Full-size 9-passenger Van charter service for
group of 6 to 8 passengers(max 8 people for NTD 5500).
If going to Taiping Mountain, extra NT$600 will be charged.
Pick-up service from Taipei City, additional NT$700 for each ride.
Pick-up service from Taoyuan International Airport, additional NT$1,200 for each ride.
Overnight guests of our charter car service(usually cross-district) require to provide our driver a stay for overnight, or to pay NTD 1200 for his accommodation at night.

Special offer for lodging guests

Pick-up service from/ to Taipei NT$600 per ride (2 person per car).
  Extra person: NT$200 per person (Max of 8 person per car, can designate pick-up address, NT$1,800 per 8 person)
Pick-up service from/to Taoyuan International Airport, NT1,500 per ride /car.
  Extra person: NT$200 per person (Max of 8 person per car, can designate pick-up address, NT$2,700 per 8 person)

Slow your pace down, recharge yourself when tired, life can be happy like this,
smart travel of Northern Taiwan, starts with "Pine Villa"~

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